Worried about travel restrictions? Here is how to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Advisories and Unexpected Expenses when Traveling

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The news that the federal government is now advising against non-essential travel to foreign countries has Canadians buzzing. The rapidly spreading Omicron coronavirus variant means Canadians should be prepared to switch their travel plans to stay within the country during this holiday season. The big question, for those who’ve already purchased plane tickets or are still considering traveling: “How can I protect myself from unexpected COVID-19 expenses?”

Protect Your Travel Plans with COVID-19 (Pandemic) Insurance

COVID-19 Insurance is an annual multi-trip policy that is intended for unexpected expenses due to COVID-19 when you are traveling abroad. Whether you are vaccinated or not, here’s what Goose’s Pandemic policy provides:

  1. Worldwide coverage

Provided you are traveling more than 200 kilometers from your principal residence (or when outside your province of residence, if you live close to a provincial border) your coverage will apply. The policy covers up to 30 days of travel per trip, and you can travel as many times as you like during the 12 months of coverage. 

  1. Trip Cancellation & Interruption

The vast majority of Travel Insurance policies do not provide coverage for COVID-19 related expenses while traveling abroad, especially with government advisories in place warning against international travel. The COVID-19 Insurance with Goose, does offer you coverage as per following: 

  1. For trip cancellation to be included when purchasing this policy, it must be purchased within 72 hours of paying for your trip

  1. For trip interruption, it will provide coverage up to $2,500 per trip, per person (up to a maximum of $10,000 per family). Let’s say you tested positive for COVID-19 during your trip and your travel plans were interrupted, this policy will cover for your non-refundable trip costs such as a flight to another country that you were planning to visit during this trip. 

This applies for the current level 3 (avoid non-essential travel) travel advisory or any potential new level 4 (avoid all travel) travel advisories that might be put in place due to COVID-19. 

  1. Quarantine expenses

Goose’s COVID-19 policy also includes coverage for quarantine expenses following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis of you or your travelling companion while traveling (up to $200 per day, for a maximum of $2,800) for meals and accommodations. 

  1. COVID-19 related medical expenses

If a traveler (more than 15 days old and less than 75 years of age) happens to contract COVID-19 while traveling more than 200 km away from their principal residence and needs emergency medical care as a result, this policy provides up to $500,000 to pay for those eligible medical expenses. The $500k coverage limit is per insured traveler, per trip and covers you anywhere in the world. Please note that this does not provide coverage for non-COVID related emergency medical expenses, you’ll still need a Travel Medical Insurance policy to cover other events that occur during your trip.

  1. Annual policy

Coverage lasts for an entire year, providing coverage for an unlimited number of trips of up to 30 days at a time (total trip length 180 days). This applies whether you fly or drive to your destination and extensions are available for longer trips upon request.