A family of Geese


Keeping the world insured is tough work, but someone has to do it. Maybe you? We’re looking for talented people to join our flock in a variety of roles.

Benefits & Perks

Extended Health Benefits

A healthy team is a happy team. We offer all team members extended medical as part of their compensation package.

3-weeks vacation

We work to live, not live to work. Everyone is given three weeks of vacation time, and we encourage everyone to use it all up!

Fair compensation

We believe in investing in our employees, and that starts with paying them a fair salary—on top of the other benefits we offer.

Innovative culture

We’re still a small company, which means everyone’s ideas are always heard and everyone can contribute in any way they want.

Flexible hours

We’re not clock punchers or time trackers. We know that you’re responsible enough to get your job done, so when you do it is up to you.

Work hard, play hard

Some days, work is hard. Other days, we play games and make sundaes. It’s called balance.

There aren't any openings at the moment, check back soon!