Travel Insurance


When you’re travelling, anything can happen. From unexpected delays to unexpected illness, the cost of these not-so-fun surprises can ruin even the best vacations. Starting at just a few dollars a day, Goose keeps you and your family covered for everything from natural disasters to medical emergencies.

Single-Trip Medical

When you’re travelling outside of your home province or Canada, the cost of medical care can be terrifying. Travel insurance is always a smart decision. Goose brings you the most comprehensive travel medical coverage, in an easy-to-use app that travels with you. Get your policy in a minute or less, even if you’ve already left town.

Goose offers Single Trip Travel Medical Insurance policies that include:

To purchase Goose travel medical insurance, there are just a few eligibility requirements:

*Conditions and exclusions may apply. See Policy Wording for full details.

**If traveller is not covered by a provincial medical health plan, travel medical coverage is limited to $50,000.

***Terminal condition means a physician has given you a terminal prognosis with a life expectancy of 12 month or less.

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