The Most Important Item on Your List this Christmas.

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The excitement is mounting.

Seasonal trips over the border are about to ramp up.

With Black Friday in the United States approaching on November 23, and the weeks leading up to Santa’s big day, many Canadians will soon be flocking across the line. They’ll be shopping for rock bottom deals on electronics and stocking stuffers with list in hand and wind beneath their wings.

Yet so many shoppers head across the border without giving a single thought to the most essential item to have of all: travel insurance

In fact, it’s the item you simply can’t afford NOT to have on your list.

In an instant, that Black Friday shopping mission can evolve into a nightmare, with the “deals” you originally sought being the absolute least of your concerns. The consequences could be in the thousands per day for care in a US hospital or hundreds of thousands for an extended stay. And after going through traumatic or upsetting health experiences, the last thing one needs is to stress about paying astronomical medical bills.

Whether you’re planning a day trip across the border or an entire weekend adventure, leaving Canada without travel insurance is an unnecessary financial risk.

So why, according to a 2016 survey by Ipsos Reid, are more Canadians less likely to leave home without their electronics (53%) than they are to leave home without travel insurance (45%)?  And in a recent report from Allianz Global Assistance Canada, it states that 99% of Canadians do not purchase travel insurance for trips of short duration. Read the article here.

Mostly because of the perceived cost and effort. “It takes too long.” “I can’t be bothered.” “I’ll be fine.”

Yet today, there really are simple and affordable solutions that don’t require much time at all, and make it super convenient to ensure you’re covered.

Through your smartphone on the Goose Insurance app in just 60 seconds or less, you can purchase a travel insurance policy for as little as $4/day that covers you for up to $10 million.

Once you download the app and become part of the Goose flock, it’s nothing more than a few taps to get a quote. And in less than a minute, you can have your policy virtually in the palm of your hand.

Even if you’ve already left Canada, you can still purchase a Goose travel insurance policy through the app when you’re out-of-country for up to 7 days after leaving.

Of course, you could hope you’ll stay healthy on your cross-border excursion and hope you don’t become victim to an accident. But we all know hope is not a way to avoid occurrences like accidents or illness.

Truthfully, as travelers we would all prefer not to think about travel insurance, and certainly we all hope it’s not necessary to use. But with Goose Insurance at the ready through your mobile app, it all becomes far less intimidating and so very easy to navigate.

Really, cross-border shopping doesn’t have to be a “risk” you decide to take. At just $4/day for a policy, consider that it’s even cheaper than a coffee from Starbucks.

This season, go with the certainty that Goose Insurance has you covered from head to tail.