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Travel Insurance Advice for Snowbirds

Retirees planning to fly south in search of warmer weather need to be careful as to what type of travel insurance they buy. It is essential not to compromise coverage for the sake of saving a few dollars on the policy. Even $1 million in travel medical coverage does not go far these days. Ideally, snowbirds should aim for at least $5 to $10 million in coverage to ensure they have the proper protection.

Travelling to Maui? Here's how to navigate travel insurance

It's a sad reality that we're living in a world where natural disasters and climate crises are becoming more frequent, forcing many to cut their vacations short, cancel their travel plans and, most importantly, flee those areas for safety. In such uncertain times, having travel insurance is not just about financial protection, it's also about having peace of mind.

Goose Travel Insurance Review 2023

Goose makes buying travel insurance easy with its “self-serve solution” that lets travellers purchase a policy on its app in just a few minutes. With $10 million in medical coverage, no age limits and an unstable pre-existing medical condition add-on, Goose is a solid choice when looking for coverage in case of illness or injury while travelling.

Travelling to Maui? Here's how to navigate travel insurance

It's a sad reality that we're living in a world where natural disasters and climate crises are becoming more frequent, forcing many to cut their vacations short, cancel their travel plans and, most importantly, flee those areas for safety. In such uncertain times, having travel insurance is not just about financial protection, it's also about having peace of mind.

United Airlines announces it will cut 12% of flights at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport July 1

The number of people buying travel insurance is now up to nearly 30%, with recent airline issues being the catalyst.
“This is something that airlines should have seen coming and prepared for better,” Kaywan says. “It is an incredible amount of concern, especially for people who have been waiting for the last three years to get on a plane.”

Prepare for the Risks of Summer Travel

When it comes to traveling, experts recommend planning ahead and being prepared for risks. Travel insurance is for medical emergencies outside of your home country or state or outside of your health network. People buy travel insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen medical emergencies. Goose Insurance was one of the first agencies to implement a covid travel medical insurance plan.

Product showcase: Goose Insurance expanding across two countries

Launched in 2018 with a Canada-wide travel insurance product, the company now sells multiple insurance products in Canada, as well as 30 US states. Goose Insurance has more than 100,000 customers in both countries and experienced 400% growth year-over-year. Goose Insurance works with carriers including AIG, Occidental Life, IMG and Markel, among others.

Georgia Lady Says Airline Left 12-Year-Old Daughter Alone After Touchdown At MIA

A Georgia mother is upset and speaking out a week after, she said, American Airlines abandoned her 12-year-old daughter after landing at Miami International Airport. Travel expert Omar Kaywan recommends asking tough questions and being prepared for different alternatives when it comes to traveling.

Keep Summer Travel Budget-Friendly

The price of plane tickets and gas has increased exponentially, and unfortunately, it’s just in time for summer travel. Family vacations are rising in prices and consumers are battling other travel-hungry families to get tickets and hit the road or air in time. But summer travel doesn’t have to drain your bank account if you take a few extra steps to keep costs low.

Summer Travel Tips for Older Americans

After two years of COVID restrictions and cancelled travel plans, older Americans are eager to travel again. While taking a trip will give you a much-needed break, there’s no guarantee your travel plans won’t be disrupted, especially as US airlines continue to deal with staffing shortages and flight cuts.

Startup Founders Say Venture-Capital Investors Are Driving Harder Deals

“We’re raising a Series A right now,” said Dejan Mirkovic, chief executive and co-founder of Goose Insurance Services Inc., a Vancouver-based startup with an app that people use to find, get quotes for and buy insurance. In venture capital, “A” series funding follows initial angel or seed investments and can be followed by additional rounds of venture funding.

Meet British Columbia’s 37 Top CEO’s in the Apps Space

Dejan is no stranger to leading a flock into unknown territory. As a co-founder and board member of Square One Insurance Services, Dejan has easily migrated all his boundless industry expertise and insight to Goose. Meet Dejan, one of British Columbia’s Top CEOs in the Mobile Apps Space!

Travelers will pay and worry more on summer vacation this year. But they won't cancel.

Before COVID-19, Europe was one of the top destinations for American summer travelers. This year, Omar Kaywan, co-founder of the insurance app Goose Insurance, says he expects Europe won’t be as popular. “Even though a lot of travel restrictions are being lifted and we are expecting a busy travel season in 2022, the conflict in Eastern Europe has created some concerns for travelers,” he says.

Travel expert recommends buying insurance ahead of a flight following weekend of delays and cancelations

JetBlue recently said they’re experiencing staffing issues and are reducing their schedule from May into the summer. Dozens of flights to or from Boston and Worcester were canceled this past weekend. Goose Insurance said unfortunately staffing problems could be an issue for a while. The insurance company said they saw an increase in customers throughout the pandemic and expect to see the same following recent cancellations and delays.

Travel experts weigh in on what to do if you’re flying JetBlue this spring

JetBlue cancelled 49 flights in and out of Boston Logan International Airport—17 percent of the company’s scheduled trips. As of 8 p.m. Monday, FlightAware showed Logan had 20 cancellations for the day, including 16 JetBlue flights.

Flight issues nationwide expected to continue for months

“There seem to be many factors at play when it comes to air travel disruptions. At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, much of the disruptions were due to the Omicron surge,” says Omar Kayman with Goose Insurance. “Travel demand is also rising faster than airlines can keep up, so disruptions may persist, especially as more airlines cut their flight schedules.”

Airfare expected to increase by 7% each month due to higher fuel prices

“If people are booking or they are planning on booking their trip, do it as soon as possible,” Omar Kaywan said. He is the co-founder and vice president of Growth for Goose Insurance. “For people who are planning on traveling this summer, first of all, book your tickets in advance,” Kaywan said. “Make sure you protect yourself with travel medical insurance and travel insurance.”

Our vacation turned into a nightmare': Flight delays and cancellations across Florida

“Before you book your trip, check your airlines’ guidelines. What are their responsibilities? What are their cancellation policies, what are they responsible for in the event of missed departure due to mechanical breakdown, due to weather?” Pamela Kwiatkowski, the co-founder and VP of Products of Goose Insurance, told WPBF 25 News.”What’s also really important is to buy travel insurance. That is your best hedge against having a financial impact in the event of a cancellation.”

Travel expert predicts more countries will require COVID-medical insurance

After two years of travel disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, most international borders have reopened, but anyone traveling abroad this spring and summer will likely need more than a passport and plane ticket. Travel experts say some countries are requiring you to have COVID-medical insurance before you can enter.

How many Canadians have life insurance? Survey reveals all

The current state of the economy is less than ideal, with increasing debt and house prices steering many consumers away from the insurance products that they need the most. In a recent survey from Goose Insurance, 52% of Canadians said they still do not have life insurance despite the fact that internet searches for term life insurance increased nearly 50% from 2019 to 2021.

Pandemic prompts more people to buy travellers insurance

If the beaches of Costa Rica or the golf courses of the Carolinas are calling you, experts say before booking any trip outside your hometown, make plans to buy travel insurance. As the coronavirus pandemic enters its third year, Omar Kaywan, the founder of Vancouver, British Columbia-based Goose Insurance, is sounding the alarm about the inherent risks associated with travel plans and the pandemic.

So you’ve joined the gig economy; what are you doing about life insurance?

But one area where the gig economy’s development has stalled is insurance, particularly life insurance. A 2018 TD Bank survey found that only 16 per cent of millennial gig workers had access to life insurance through work. “We’re seeing a substantial shift from traditional workers moving into gig jobs, but there are no benefits that come with those roles,” Dejan Mirkovic, CEO and founder of Goose Insurance, said in a recent interview with Insurance Business Canada.

Southwest Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights as Winter Weather Moves Through North Texas

The winter weather that hit North Texas on Saturday afternoon forced Southwest Airlines to cancel hundreds of flights over the weekend, the airline said. According to Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, planners anticipated operational challenges on Sunday as the winter storm moved toward the Eastern seaboard. Airline representatives said they are working to accommodate customers on the approximately 400 flights canceled as of 9 a.m. on Sunday. Trip insurance specialists say there has been an uptick in people looking for travel insurance.

Have a cruise planned? Here’s what you need to know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surprised some Thursday by issuing a warning to Americans: vaccinated or not, stay away from cruise ships. The warning came as the agency upgraded its advisory for cruise ships to the highest level, after more than 80 ships reported outbreaks. That number climbed again past 90 by nighttime, according to the agency’s website, which represented more than a quarter of all cruise ships worldwide. Channel 9 spoke to Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Goose Insurance, about what passengers planning cruises needed to know as they considered how to move forward.

What you should know about booking a cruise during COVID-19

The number of COVID-19 cases on cruise ships is spiking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that there’s been a 30-fold increase in cases over the last two weeks. What can you do if you’ve already booked a cruise? If you want to push forward with that cruise, insurance is highly recommended. There are now COVID-19 specific travel policies.

United flights canceled as 3,000 employees out sick with COVID-19

Holiday travel stress has extended into the new year, as more flights are canceled due to COVID-19. United Airlines announced flight cuts due to many sick workers. In a letter to United employees, CEO Scott Kirby wrote that about 3,000 employees are currently positive for COVID. Kirby says they acted early to cancel flights and notify customers. With the continuing uncertainty, more people are opting for travel insurance.

Travel agents advise getting insurance for holiday travel plans

Preparing for one of the busiest times of travel. During the holidays, travel is starting to pick up and more people are flying by air than last year, but COVID-19 is raising concerns and placing restrictions. We all know how stressful traveling can be, but during this pandemic things can get a bit more difficult. Getting travel insurance is something that is commonly overlooked, but during these uncertain times Omar Kaywan, a Co-founder of an insurance company called Goose says travel insurance may be a good idea.

Is it still safe to gather for holidays? Top questions answered as Omicron spreads

While early data suggests Omicron is less severe, there are still a lot of unknowns. On Monday, the CDC announced Omicron now accounts for 73 percent of all new Covid cases. It’s a startling speed according to doctors. The news comes alongside the holiday week, with Christmas and planned celebrations just days away. The TSA expects to screen 30 million through January 3rd, with domestic travel demand nearly at 2019 levels. But is that changing now as Omicron continues to spread?

Holiday travel season: Arrive to airport 3 hours before flight for domestic flights

The parking lots are full, in fact they are recommending people to take uber, lift, taxis, because parking your car is going to be difficult at the Miami airport. The biggest thing right now is the guidelines are changing as we speak, for everybody who’s traveling internationally, contact your airlines and insurance providers.

Gig workers' insurance – what's next?

Self-employed and gig workers have become a pivotal part of the Canadian economy and the importance of providing protection to this demographic is rapidly increasing. The pandemic forced many out of their traditional roles, giving them the time to explore niche freelancing opportunities and contract work, but have insurers been able to meet their needs? Providing tailored insurance solutions is the name of the gig economy game, and Dejan Mirkovic, CEO and co-founder of Goose Insurance, sat down with Insurance Business and discussed bridging the gap within this underinsured Canadian segment.

Calgarians still travelling despite Omicron's rise, industry insiders report

It seems that many Calgarians are forging ahead with holiday travel plans despite the advisory against international travel that was prompted by the rise in cases of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant. And one Calgary travel agent says many of her clients are doing it for the sake of their mental health. Pamela Kwiatkowski, co-founder of Goose Insurance, says if you must travel, make sure to be up to date on vaccines, know the local requirements, get COVID insurance, and read your contracts.

Travelling for the holidays? Experts say insurance is a must

Canadians who are still considering travel this holiday season may want to think more carefully about getting travel insurance and what their coverage includes amid the spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Experts say travel insurance is important to ensure coverage for any medical mishaps abroad, but it has taken on extra meaning during the pandemic because health and travel conditions can change suddenly.

Travellers should check insurance coverage twice amid changing rules, experts say

Travel industry experts are warning Canadians to double check their insurance coverage before embarking on a trip this holiday season amid tightening travel restrictions. Holiday travel has been upended by the latest COVID-19 variant sweeping the globe, prompting some travellers to postpone or cancel trips. For those determined to travel, experts say renewed travel advisories may have altered their insurance coverage.

Travel during pandemic, insure your next trip | Money Smart

The holidays will be here before you know it. If your plans involve a suitcase, here’s how to protect your trip from unexpected costs. Millions of people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday. Whether it’s on the road or in the air, consider protecting your trip. According to a AAA survey, 31% of travelers in the country are more likely to purchase insurance for their trips that are planned until the end of 2022. Omar Kaywan with Goose Insurance says people need to prioritize insurance this holiday season. He points to the pandemic, shortage of workers, vaccine mandate and recent airline cancellations.

Goose Insurance App Announces New Partnership with AIG Canada

Goose Insurance Services, an innovative insurance technology company that is making it easier and faster for consumers to get the coverage they need through a self-serve mobile app, announced a partnership with AIG Insurance Company of Canada (AIG Canada) to provide new protections for Canada’s growing gig economy. The pandemic has caused significant growth of freelance work. A 2021 report from Payments Canada found that more than one in 10 Canadian adults are gig workers and more than one in three businesses employ gig workers. The new insurance offerings, now available on the Goose app via the App Store or Google Play, include Income Protection and Hospital Cash policies.

AIG Canada teams up with new offering for gig economy workers

Canadian insurtech Goose Insurance Services has teamed up with AIG Canada to provide a new insurance product designed for gig economy workers. According to a release, while gig employment can be flexible with schedule and other aspects of work, it can come at the cost of benefits. Gig workers are often classified as self-employed or independent contractors, and thus do not receive protections typically afforded to employees under Canada’s labor laws, such as employment insurance. But Goose Insurance Services and AIG Canada hope to change all that with their new partnership. Under the partnership, Goose Insurance Services’ proprietary app – the Goose Insurance Super-App – will now list gig economy-focused insurance such as income protection and hospital cash policies, all underwritten by AIG Canada.

Possible TSA worker shortage from vaccine mandate could hamper Thanksgiving travel plans

There’s a perfect storm brewing for Thanksgiving Day travelers: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says only about 60% of its workers are vaccinated. The deadline to get the shot is just two weeks away. It’s expected holiday travel will reach 80-90% of pre-pandemic passenger levels. While that’s good news, the airline industry is still struggling to keep up with demand. “This could potentially cause a lot of delays through security, through the airport and a lot of frustrated travelers,” said Omar Kaywan, referring to a likely worker shortage this Thanksgiving.

Pilot: American Airlines 'stuffing the holiday turkey with uncertainty' after canceling 2K flights

Many travelers at Chicago O’Hare airport went nowhere Monday thanks to American Airlines cancellations and delays. Captain Dennis Trajer, who is part of the Allied Pilots Association, was supposed to be in Dallas for a meeting Monday afternoon, but his flight was delayed for several hours because of staffing shortages. “It was because they didn’t have one flight attendant in one of the slots needed to be filled,” Trajer said. Staffing issues along with high winds in American’s main hub, Dallas, forced about 2,000 cancellations around the country over the weekend, with more on Monday.

COVID-19 vaccine holdouts could impact airline travel heading into holiday season

The countdown is on as travelers finalize their Thanksgiving holiday plans, but concerns are mounting that vaccine mandates for TSA and airline workers could cause even more cancellations and delays than experienced in recent weeks. Airlines across the country have a deadline of Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving, for employees to be vaccinated as a workforce shortage and crisis is creating problems industry-wide. The deadline could cause massive cancellations, so should you get insurance if you’re planning to travel this Thanksgiving holiday?

Travel insurance expert recommends you prepare now for holiday travel

Over the weekend, about 1,900 flights were canceled within four days as American Airlines dealt with weather issues and staffing shortages. Some people flying back in to town Monday said they are not too worried about their flight being canceled or delayed come the holiday season. “It’s very much recommended this holiday season — and as we are moving forward as we deal with this pandemic, and try to get back to a new normal — is insurance, both trip protection and travel, medical,” said Goose Insurance co-founder Omar Kaywan, who deals in travel insurance.

Secrets to fast rebooking when airlines cancel flights

American Airlines canceled 250 more flights on Monday after canceling 2000 over the weekend, citing crew shortages and high winds. Many passengers have been stranded at airports across the country for a day or two, waiting for the next flight. That’s after Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights in early October. As several airlines approach a November 24 deadline for employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19, many travelers worry these cancellations could continue over the holidays.

COVID insurance to mixed doses: questions remain for Canadians travelling to the U.S.

Tourism experts say there are lingering questions that need to be answered now that fully vaccinated Canadians will soon be able to drive to the United States. After 19 months, the Biden administration will re-open land borders and ports of entry to non-essential travel in November. “If I go to the States and when I have that PCR come back and I test positive, do I get stuck in the States, do I get to come home?” wonders Beth Potter, president of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. That’s one of many questions being floated around by the tourism industry following the much-anticipated news.T

Sask. snowbirds excited to head south when U.S. border reopens

Nov. 8 is the tentative date for the United States government to reopen its land and sea borders to non-essential fully vaccinated Canadian travellers. The border closed in March 2020.
It’s an announcement Canadian snowbird travellers Duane and Christa Hayunga have been waiting for in Prince Albert, Sask. Vice-president of products and founder of Goose Insurance, Pamela Kwiatkowski, recommends people carry travel insurance and read their policies to ensure it covers pre-existing conditions, emergency medical coverage and costs associated with COVID-19 illness.

Tourist industry welcomes U.S. opening of borders (BC)

If you migrate frequently, a multi-trip travel medical policy can save time and money, and keeps your tail feathers covered every time you fly out. Come and go as you please, with peace of mind. Goose offers multi-trip travel medical for 2 to 60 days per year spent out of the country.

Tips on how to be prepared when traveling this holiday season | Travel Smart

As the holidays are quickly approaching, travel is starting to ramp up again. “We’re seeing a trend of something called revenge travel where there has been a lot of pent up demand for consumers who want to travel especially outside of the U.S.,” Omar Kawyan from Goose Insurance said. Kawyan said to be prepared while traveling this holiday season and what to research before you plan that trip.

Southwest Airlines Offers Explanations For Flight Cancellations, But Industry Expert Not Buying Them

Southwest Airlines cancelled hundreds of trips over the weekend, and saw some residual delays from that even on Monday, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported. “Buy travel medical insurance or trip protection because we’re seeing more and more of these situations this summer we experienced with Spirit and American,” said Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Goose Insurance.

Tips for snowbirds planning to head south this winter

Many policies will exclude COVID-19 and if you are concerned about it… you need to make sure that your policy provides that coverage. From checking restrictions to vaccine requirements, Goose Insurance’s product VP Pamela Kwiatkowski has some planning reminders before you leave the country.

Insurance companies encourage COVID-19 specific insurance when traveling

Now that travel is ramping up, insurance companies are reminding people about the importance of travel insurance. Now, that doesn’t just cover lost luggage and emergency services, but some companies are now adding a COVID-19 policy to ensure you’re covered whether you’re traveling out of state or out of country..

Spirit Airlines’ woes continue, with more than half of Thursday flights canceled

Travel expert Omar Kaywan recommended that aggrieved travellers check with their credit card companies in an effort to recoup payments for canceled plans or unexpected expenses, including hotel stays and rental cars. Future travellers, he said, should consider buying travel insurance as they plan their trips.

Staying true to its mission: A conversation with Goose Insurance Services

Goose Insurance is Canada’s first and only multi-line mobile insurance app. Our mission is to make insurance accessible, easy to understand, and affordable. Goose offers a variety of products, many of which are geared towards today’s traveller.

New Essentials for Post-Pandemic Travel

People are finally starting to plan their long-awaited getaways, whether it’s a local road trip or a plane trip abroad. But, we need to keep in mind that the healthcare system is just starting to recover from the impact of the pandemic. If you get sick or hurt while traveling, especially if you are visiting another country, there may still be restrictions in place at medical facilities. You may also need upgraded health insurance coverage depending on your destination, length of stay and what activities you’ll be doing on your trip. The following tips can help you plan for post-COVID-19 travel so your trip can be worry-free.


Why COVID-19 vaccination matters when it comes to travel medical insurance

Insurance experts warn that those who are planning a vacation outside of Canada should have adequate travel medical insurance. “Do not travel without travel medical insurance,” Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Vancouver-based Goose Insurance, said. “It’s the biggest risk that you’re putting yourself into, especially in today’s world where you know we still haven’t come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Inaugural Google Cloud Accelerator Canada class of 2021 announced

Google’s inaugural Cloud Program announced its first-ever class of Google Cloud Accelerator Canada. In the past year, with the majority of businesses doubling down on new digital capabilities, the demand for cloud-based technology has accelerated for businesses in every field. Google has dedicated an entire accelerator program to startups that use cloud technology to help grow and advance their business. 


Google reveals first Canadian cloud accelerator cohort

Google Canada has revealed the list of startups joining the inaugural cohort of its 10-week cloud accelerator program for Canadian companies. The tech giant put out a call for applications for the first Google Cloud Accelerator Canada program in April. The program consists of an “intensive” virtual bootcamp that aims to equip participating companies for their next phase of growth. Google’s new, completely virtual, equity-free program for cloud startups is the latest in a series of new accelerator programs Google has opened to Canadian companies since 2020.


Advice for avoiding hidden COVID fees for summer travel

We are all itching for summer vacation right after that year we’ve just had, and insurance companies are taking note. They are now offering COVID-19 Insurance, so what is it and should this be something we all consider? Joining us is Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Goose Insurance Services, who will be giving us advice to avoid those hidden COVID-19 fees for this summer travel.


Traveling abroad? Some countries require vaccine, travel medical insurance

Summer travel is flying high again. This past weekend two million people streamed through U.S. airport security for the first time since March of 2020. If you plan to travel out of the country, there may be three specific things you’ll need. Before the pandemic, many countries required medical travel insurance for tourists, but now as the world is reopening more countries are making it mandatory for visitors. Most countries allowing U.S. visitors right now require vaccine proof or a negative rapid COVID test.


Countries starting to require medical or COVID insurance when traveling

As COVID restrictions lift across the country, more families will be planning vacations to get away. Some of them will be heading outside of Michigan or even the country. We had a lot of emails into the FOX 17 Problem Solvers last year where passengers weren’t given a refund on flights or hotels that they booked because of COVID.If you’re planning to leave the country, purchasing travel insurance may help alleviate any future stress especially if you get sick.


Travel medical insurance worth every penny if you get sick while abroad

If you’re planning to vacation internationally, travel experts recommend purchasing travel medical insurance before you leave. Treatment for injuries sustained while abroad may not be covered by your medical insurance. Dejan Mirkovic, co-founder of Goose Insurance said domestic policies stop at the U.S. boarder. He said this is something many consumers do not realize.

Insurance Business Canada News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

Many Canadians unaware that healthcare system doesn't cover all costs – survey

Many Canadians could be facing substantial out-of-pocket expenses while undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, according to a recent survey from Goose Insurance. Goose Insurance recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 Canadians and found that a majority of the respondents wrongly believe that Canada’s healthcare system covers all costs associated with cancer treatment and other life-threatening illnesses.

Insauga News Cover

Many Canadians incorrectly believe all costs associated with treatment of serious illnesses are covered

While many Canadians refrain from thinking about such situations, some are unaware that they could be on the hook for thousands of dollars of treatment if they develop a life-threatening illness. A recent survey from Goose Insurance found the vast majority of Canadians incorrectly believe Canada’s health care system covers all costs associated with treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

News Cover
L'Assurance Logo

Assurance voyage : une assurtech lance une police propre à la COVID-19

L’assurtech Goose Insurance Services, en partenariat avec Lloyd’s of London et MSH internationnal du Canada, a lancé une police d’assurance voyage spécifique à la couverture de la COVID-19. L’assurance en question est décrite comme étant annuelle et multivoyages. 

ITIJ News Cover

Goose travel insurance launches pandemic cover

Goose Insurance has launched a standalone worldwide Pandemic Insurance product for travelling Canadians covering up to CA$500,000 in Covid-19 related emergencies. For $99 annually, Canadians will be protected with up to $500,000 of coverage for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while travelling.

Insurance Business Canada News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

Goose Insurance Services launches standalone pandemic insurance for travellers

Goose Insurance Services has launched a new standalone insurance product that provides coverage for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while travelling. The new policy, which offers up to $500,000 in coverage for pandemic treatment overseas, is being offered by Goose Insurance Services in partnership with Lloyd’s of London and MSH International (Canada).

The Globe and Mail News Cover
The Globe and Mail

Travel experts warn out-of-country medical insurance may be insufficient for COVID-related illnesses

Travel insurance brokers say that while specific coverage for COVID-19 is a step in the right direction, they advise clients to be wary of policies that can leave you stranded.
Forbes News Cover

Here Are The Best Travel Insurance Apps For Your Next Trip

It allows you to buy travel medical insurance in under 60 seconds through the app. You can purchase policies by the day or for longer periods, and up to seven days after a vacation has begun. Goose works similarly to its U.S. counterparts, offering an in-app map and ‘911-equivalent’ list that gives you instant access to local emergency services. Goose is available…

Travel Press News Cover
Travel Press

Goose Launches Mobile Travel Insurance App

The Goose mobile app has launched in Canada, providing Canadians with instant access to travel medical insurance. Goose is a mobile-first, self-serve solution that lets Canadians who travel out of country the ability to purchase travel medical insurance in…

Insurtech News Cover

InsurTech companies that every leader in insurance needs to know.

Goose is a consumer-focused Super-App for Insurance, with a mission to deliver consumers a simplified self-serve process to bind insurance coverage across both P&C and Life. Through the Goose mobile App, consumers can discover, learn about, and buy insurance coverage instantly across all lines of consumer insurance. Goose launched…

Coverager News Cover

Pink Goose is Ready to Fly

Last October, we covered Goose – back then – a Canadian travel insurance startup in emerging mode looking to deliver “a policy in two minutes or less”. That was then, this is now…

IBC News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

New app claims to deliver medical travel insurance in less than a minute

Goose, a mobile app aimed at providing Canadians with what it describes as instant travel insurance, launches today. Those behind the service claim customers who travel out of the country can obtain medical travel insurance in under 60 seconds for as little as $4…

ITIJ News Cover

Self-serve TI app launches in Canada

Goose, a new mobile app that provides Canadian travellers with instant on-demand access to travel medical insurance, launched this week. The mobile-first, self-service solution claims to allow Canadians to purchase coverage in as little as 60 seconds…

CTV News Cover

Vancouver-based app provides travel insurance on the go

Whether it’s a day trip or a vacation, you don’t want to leave home without a travel insurance policy to cover you for medical emergencies and accidents. That’s why Dejan Mirkovic and his team have come up with a way to help keep you covered. He’s the founder and CEO of Goose Insurance Services, which has developed an app to buy travel insurance…

Beta Kit News Cover
Beta Kit

Goose raises $2.25M seed round for travel medical insurance app

Goose said it will provide up to $10 million in travel medical insurance. The company’s app includes hospital locators, 911-equivalents, and agent chat options. The app also sends a reminder when it detects that the user is near an international airport or the…

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