Top 5 Christmas Family Vacation Spots

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Usually, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Then again, a change of scene and culture can often create some pretty incredible family Christmas memories.

If you’re thinking about packing up the fam for a Christmas to remember outside Canada, have a look at these top locations where the enchantment of the locale rivals Christmas itself.

1. Rome, Italy

What better place to experience midnight mass on Christmas Eve than the exquisite St. Peter’s Basilica? Craving a little tradition? Hit a holiday rink for ice skating. Even just strolling the winding side streets is magical. Twinkling lights and glowing orbs hang overhead. Weather-wise, you’ll be avoiding the stifling heat of summer. Pasta for Christmas dinner? When in Rome…

2. San Diego, California

Sculpt a sandy Santa Claus on famed Cornonado Beach. Or, hit the iconic Hotel Del with its seaside ice rink, holiday movies on the beach and s’mores Jingle Roast. The well-renowned San Diego Zoo is a must when it becomes a winter wonderland with festive lights, music, holiday treats and Santa.

3. London, England

What could be more festive than a traditional English roast dinner in the heart of London over the holidays? Take a glide around the Christmas tree at the Natural History Museum’s ice rink. Imagine the twinkling view at night from 135 metres up on the London Eye. Perhaps ring in 2019 underneath Big Ben.

4. Paris, France

Paris is incredible all year round, but the lit-up Champs-Élysées and a snow-surrounded Eiffel Tower is a bucket-list experience. Don’t leave the city without tasting Bûche Noel – a traditional French Christmas dessert.

5. New York, New York

The iconic Rockefeller Center tree is a must-see over the Christmas season in NYC. Wanting a family-friendly outing? Hit the outdoor ice rink for a skate at Central Park with all the other revelers. The decorations on Fifth Avenue and festive store windows are something to behold.

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