Backpacking Europe? Top 10 Must Haves

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  1. Get a plug adapter. Make sure you can charge your travel appliances and electronics all over Europe by having the correct voltage adapter.

  2. Organize a backup system. All those precious photos of the Eiffel Tower or on the gondola could be GONE in a heartbeat if you don’t pre-arrange a cloud storage system. Theft happens and so do accidents. Don’t put your lifelong visual memories at risk. Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft’s One Drive are all viable options to ensure you’ll always have those pics.

  3. Buy travel insurance. An accident overseas can spell financial ruin if you don’t carry adequate travel insurance. Beyond medical and liability coverage, baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance are well worth considering too. The cost of having to cancel your trip or the loss of your belongings can be a hefty and nasty surprise. Goose Insurance Services for Canadians, provides you with all the coverage you need with no hassle. All in one easy app.

  4. Record important emergency info. Write down or keep copies (emailed or messaged to yourself or kept in the cloud) things like:

    • emergency contact numbers at home

    • banking contact info

    • your important cards (SIN, passport, bank card, driver’s license etc.)

    • your doctor back home

    • Canadian consulate numbers

  5. Map it out. Enter any pre-arranged accommodations or destinations into your mobile phone’s GPS system or app. You’ll avoid last-minute panicked typing or searching for directions.

  6. Learn the language basics. Communication even at a basic level can make all the difference when trying to find the train station or bathroom. Consider downloading a translator app to your mobile device.

  7. Keep things safe. Thieves will go to great lengths. Gone are the days where a cloth money pouch was enough. Today, RFID technology in bags and wallets prevents credit card skimming. Consider buying one. Essentially, the more locked down, invisible and discreet your belongings are – the better.

  8. Pre-purchase an international data plan. Using your current data plan in Europe can be extremely costly. Investigate what your carrier offers for international plans.

  9. Log it or blog it. If you want to document your experiences for yourself, your loved ones or a wider audience, establish a blogging forum in advance. Once your template is ready to go, it will be as easy as sitting down with your laptop or visiting an internet café to share your stories as they happen.

  10. Keep someone informed. Give someone at home ALL your travel plans, flight numbers and dates. Just in case.