Everything You Need to Know to Make Sure Your Child Feels Safe When They Go Back to School 2021

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As adults we forget what a  big deal going back to school is for kids,not to mention how intimidating it can be. Back to school anxiety is common among children and parents. Learning how to manage this process can help your kids, and make the transition easier for everyone. It does take some work and intention, so, we have a couple of tips on how you can help improve your child’s confidence, lessen anxiety and make going back to school something to look forward to.

  1. Understand and have a plan to manage the subjects your child struggles with

During school age years is when children begin evaluating themselves; their performance and achievements, in addition to comparing themselves to peers. It is crucial to begin promoting positive self-concepts during this stage. Children need to have opportunities to be successful and experience a feeling of accomplishment which will help establish a good sense of self and self-worth. Achievement leads to confidence and fosters courage to try new things and take more risks. This can be encouraged by creating a plan to help your child improve in a subject that they aren’t as strong in. Here are the steps you can take to help your child who might be struggling written by Kids Health.

  1. Practice praise

Obviously, we know general compliments are expected from parents as you praise your child’s intelligence, beauty, etc. since birth. However, reinforcing good behaviour and encouraging communication not only develops a healthy relationship, but it also promotes children to make positive choices. By providing guidance, encouragement, feedback and praise when children are working towards any goal it promotes the sense of accepting mistakes to emerge as self-confidence. 

  1. Build social skills

Social skills often don’t come naturally and they can be challenging to learn for some kids, especially when they are just starting school. Supervised playdates are one of the  best ways to build social skills by reviewing social cues before the playdate begins. This includes talking about what it means to be a good host, making guests feel comfortable, identifying when it’s time to move on to a new game / activity, and recognizing if your guests are having a good time. Learn more about helping your child who is hesitant in social situations by reading this blog written by the Child Mind Institute.

  1.  Get excited about back to school shopping

As a parent, you might dread the expensive back to school shopping season,  however, this is a great opportunity to create a positive association with going back to school. Allowing your child to pick out a new outfit, colourful binder or a special lunchbox to start off the school year, enhances confidence as they make their own choices and have something new to look forward to. This doesn’t mean you have to go overboard as it can be overwhelming for  you and your child, and put a dent in  your bank account, but something small and special will go a long way. 

  1. Let kids be kids

Unless your kids are dressed in a full snow suit, wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a helmet, there will come a time that they will have an accident. Whether your child is an athlete, naturally rambunctious, or just accident-prone the unexpected can happen. It’s impossible not to worry  but there are a couple things you can do to lessen your fears and the financial impact of an accident. A broken tooth, damaged glasses, casts, crutches, hospital accomodations can be expensive and most health care plans won’t cover it all. And what if you don’t have a health plan? For only $60 per year, you can protect your family with Goose Kids Insurance. It protects you from the unexpected costs should your child get injured or be diagnosed with a serious illness. We all have to insure our cars, our property – why not our kids?