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Goose in the Press

New app claims to deliver medical travel insurance in less than a minute

Goose, a mobile app aimed at providing Canadians with what it describes as instant travel insurance, launches today. Those behind the service claim customers who travel out of the country can obtain medical travel insurance in under 60 seconds for as little as $4...

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Self-serve TI app launches in Canada

Goose, a new mobile app that provides Canadian travellers with instant on-demand access to travel medical insurance, launched this week. The mobile-first, self-service solution claims to allow Canadians to purchase coverage in as little as 60 seconds...

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Pink Goose is Ready to Fly

Last October, we covered Goose – back then – a Canadian travel insurance startup in emerging mode looking to deliver “a policy in two minutes or less”. That was then, this is now...

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Goose Launches Mobile Travel Insurance App

The Goose mobile app has launched in Canada, providing Canadians with instant access to travel medical insurance. Goose is a mobile-first, self-serve solution that lets Canadians who travel out of country the ability to purchase travel medical insurance in...

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