Pandemic travel medical insurance now available to all Canadians

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Goose Insurance launches Canada’s first standalone worldwide Pandemic Insurance covering Canadians while travelling for up to $500,000 in COVID-19 related emergencies.

Vancouver, BC – October 1st, 2020 -Recently, both major Canadian airlines announced that customers booking flights through them may receive COVID-19 medical insurance. But be warned, these insurance policies have many stipulations that might not be suitable for you.

For example, the first airline doesn’t include insurance for flights to the United States. And the second airline only includes insurance for flights booked by October 31, 2020. So, what should you do if you are traveling to the United States, you don’t book by airline’s deadline, or you are travelling with another airline? Or, what if you’re traveling by car?

Your best option is to explore a stand-alone pandemic medical insurance policy like the one launched by Goose Insurance Services in partnership with Lloyd’s of London and MSH INTERNATIONAL (CANADA) LTD. For as little as $99 annually, Canadians will be protected up to $500,000 of coverage for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while traveling. What’s more, the policy covers you when you travel 200kms or more outside of your principal residence within your home country or anywhere in the world. With this policy you can travel for an unlimited number of trips that are 30 days or less during a one-year period, you can also extend your trip length to 180 days, perfect for Canadian snowbirds. The policy is valid as long as you’re under 75 years old and your destination doesn’t have a war or terrorism travel advisory.

“We introduced this product after receiving many requests for such coverage from our customers who either wanted or needed to travel within Canada or internationally,” states Dejan Mirkovic, President of Goose. “We at Goose Insurance are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and enable them to purchase coverage in a simple, fast, and convenient way. Canadians can now buy Pandemic Insurance in less than 60 seconds on their smartphone through the Goose Insurance Super-App.”

It is critical to ensure Canadian’s have adequate coverage as hospitalization costs can be very expensive in many parts of the world, especially for treatment of COVID-19.  With up to $500,000, Goose offers the highest amount of coverage in Canada for stand-alone Pandemic Insurance. “Goose is a leader in modernizing and simplifying insurance for Canadians,” said Guillaume Deybach, COO of MSH Americas. “We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative team and offer best in class coverage through a mobile app.”

It’s also important to note that whether you are traveling with the COVID-19 insurance offered by an airline or a stand-alone pandemic medical insurance policy, you must still make sure you purchase an underlying travel medical insurance policy. This underlying policy covers you against other medical emergencies, like a broken arm or a heart attack, that you may suffer while traveling.

Goose offers underlying travel medical insurance from as little as $4 per day. The policy covers up to $10 million for emergency medical treatments and emergency medical evacuation. The policy also offers coverage for unstable pre-existing medical conditions for all Canadian travellers under the age of 59 who are travelling 35 days or less, or available as an add-on for all other travellers. Both the pandemic and underlying travel insurance policies can be purchased in less than a minute on your smartphones. Visit or call 1-888-347-6673 for more information.


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