The 8 Most Popular Destinations for American Travellers

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Have you noticed no matter where you travel around the world, there happens to be an American or two nearby? According to the International Tourism studies done by the World Bank, in 2019 the United States’ tourism expenditure was priced at $134.6 billion (USD) and ranked second place in total expenditure contributing to tourism globally. Let’s face it – we love to travel and we’re all over the map. 

Top 8 Destinations for American Travelers

It comes as no surprise that ranked first among the destinations most visited by Americans is Mexico, regardless, the rest of the rank are listed below provided by Statista as of 2019. Will any of the following be your next destination?

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Italy 
  4. France
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Spain 
  7. Germany

The 5 Most Increased International Travel Destinations of American Travelers

  1. Barbados (482%)
  2. Iceland (191%)
  3. Morocco (191%)
  4. Portugal (175%)
  5. Croatia (155%)

Pack the Essentials: Travel Insurance

Many countries are requiring tourists to possess Travel Medical Insurance upon arrival, including coverage of costs for potential COVID-19 medical expenses as well as quarantine coverage. Of the most popular destinations listed above, those bolded require Travel Medical Insurance with specific COVID-19 coverage as of today. Furthermore, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council we are expecting more countries to make it mandatory for entry. 

Goose Insurance makes buying travel insurance quick and painless from your phone. Goose not only offers International Travel Medical Insurance with up to $5 million in coverage, but also COVID-19 Insurance to protect you from unexpected pandemic expenses. Simply download our app for a quote and let us do the rest. To ensure you are covered for COVID-19 related medical expenses, be sure to add the COVID-19 Insurance policy to your quote.

Do you want more healthy travel tips? Read the Recipe to Post-Pandemic Traveling to learn how you can travel worry free during these unprecedented times.

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