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Tips on how to be prepared when traveling this holiday season | Travel Smart

As the holidays are quickly approaching, travel is starting to ramp up again. “We’re seeing a trend of something called revenge travel where there has been a lot of pent up demand for consumers who want to travel especially outside of the U.S.,” Omar Kawyan from Goose Insurance said. Kawyan said to be prepared while traveling this holiday season and what to research before you plan that trip.

Southwest Airlines Offers Explanations For Flight Cancellations, But Industry Expert Not Buying Them

Southwest Airlines cancelled hundreds of trips over the weekend, and saw some residual delays from that even on Monday, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported. “Buy travel medical insurance or trip protection because we’re seeing more and more of these situations this summer we experienced with Spirit and American,” said Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Goose Insurance.

Tips for snowbirds planning to head south this winter

Many policies will exclude COVID-19 and if you are concerned about it… you need to make sure that your policy provides that coverage. From checking restrictions to vaccine requirements, Goose Insurance’s product VP Pamela Kwiatkowski has some planning reminders before you leave the country.

Insurance companies encourage COVID-19 specific insurance when traveling

Now that travel is ramping up, insurance companies are reminding people about the importance of travel insurance. Now, that doesn’t just cover lost luggage and emergency services, but some companies are now adding a COVID-19 policy to ensure you’re covered whether you’re traveling out of state or out of country.

The In-Depth Guide to Cruise Ship Travel During the Pandemic

People are finally starting to plan their long-awaited getaways, whether it’s a local road trip or a plane trip abroad. But, we need to keep in mind that the healthcare system is just starting to recover from the impact of the pandemic. If you get sick or hurt while traveling, especially if you are visiting another country, there may still be restrictions in place at medical facilities. You may also need upgraded health insurance coverage depending on your destination, length of stay and what activities you’ll be doing on your trip. The following tips can help you plan for post-COVID-19 travel so your trip can be worry-free.


Why COVID-19 vaccination matters when it comes to travel medical insurance

Insurance experts warn that those who are planning a vacation outside of Canada should have adequate travel medical insurance. “Do not travel without travel medical insurance,” Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Vancouver-based Goose Insurance, said. “It’s the biggest risk that you’re putting yourself into, especially in today’s world where you know we still haven’t come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Inaugural Google Cloud Accelerator Canada class of 2021 announced

Google’s inaugural Cloud Program announced its first-ever class of Google Cloud Accelerator Canada. In the past year, with the majority of businesses doubling down on new digital capabilities, the demand for cloud-based technology has accelerated for businesses in every field. Google has dedicated an entire accelerator program to startups that use cloud technology to help grow and advance their business. 


Google reveals first Canadian cloud accelerator cohort

Google Canada has revealed the list of startups joining the inaugural cohort of its 10-week cloud accelerator program for Canadian companies. The tech giant put out a call for applications for the first Google Cloud Accelerator Canada program in April. The program consists of an “intensive” virtual bootcamp that aims to equip participating companies for their next phase of growth. Google’s new, completely virtual, equity-free program for cloud startups is the latest in a series of new accelerator programs Google has opened to Canadian companies since 2020.


Advice for avoiding hidden COVID fees for summer travel

We are all itching for summer vacation right after that year we’ve just had, and insurance companies are taking note. They are now offering COVID-19 Insurance, so what is it and should this be something we all consider? Joining us is Omar Kaywan, co-founder of Goose Insurance Services, who will be giving us advice to avoid those hidden COVID-19 fees for this summer travel.


Traveling abroad? Some countries require vaccine, travel medical insurance

Summer travel is flying high again. This past weekend two million people streamed through U.S. airport security for the first time since March of 2020. If you plan to travel out of the country, there may be three specific things you’ll need. Before the pandemic, many countries required medical travel insurance for tourists, but now as the world is reopening more countries are making it mandatory for visitors. Most countries allowing U.S. visitors right now require vaccine proof or a negative rapid COVID test.


Countries starting to require medical or COVID insurance when traveling

As COVID restrictions lift across the country, more families will be planning vacations to get away. Some of them will be heading outside of Michigan or even the country. We had a lot of emails into the FOX 17 Problem Solvers last year where passengers weren’t given a refund on flights or hotels that they booked because of COVID.If you’re planning to leave the country, purchasing travel insurance may help alleviate any future stress especially if you get sick.


Travel medical insurance worth every penny if you get sick while abroad

If you’re planning to vacation internationally, travel experts recommend purchasing travel medical insurance before you leave. Treatment for injuries sustained while abroad may not be covered by your medical insurance. Dejan Mirkovic, co-founder of Goose Insurance said domestic policies stop at the U.S. boarder. He said this is something many consumers do not realize.

Insurance Business Canada News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

Many Canadians unaware that healthcare system doesn't cover all costs – survey

Many Canadians could be facing substantial out-of-pocket expenses while undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, according to a recent survey from Goose Insurance. Goose Insurance recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 Canadians and found that a majority of the respondents wrongly believe that Canada’s healthcare system covers all costs associated with cancer treatment and other life-threatening illnesses.

Insauga News Cover

Many Canadians incorrectly believe all costs associated with treatment of serious illnesses are covered

While many Canadians refrain from thinking about such situations, some are unaware that they could be on the hook for thousands of dollars of treatment if they develop a life-threatening illness. A recent survey from Goose Insurance found the vast majority of Canadians incorrectly believe Canada’s health care system covers all costs associated with treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

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L'Assurance Logo

Assurance voyage : une assurtech lance une police propre à la COVID-19

L’assurtech Goose Insurance Services, en partenariat avec Lloyd’s of London et MSH internationnal du Canada, a lancé une police d’assurance voyage spécifique à la couverture de la COVID-19. L’assurance en question est décrite comme étant annuelle et multivoyages. 

ITIJ News Cover

Goose travel insurance launches pandemic cover

Goose Insurance has launched a standalone worldwide Pandemic Insurance product for travelling Canadians covering up to CA$500,000 in Covid-19 related emergencies. For $99 annually, Canadians will be protected with up to $500,000 of coverage for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while travelling.

Insurance Business Canada News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

Goose Insurance Services launches standalone pandemic insurance for travellers

Goose Insurance Services has launched a new standalone insurance product that provides coverage for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while travelling. The new policy, which offers up to $500,000 in coverage for pandemic treatment overseas, is being offered by Goose Insurance Services in partnership with Lloyd’s of London and MSH International (Canada).

The Globe and Mail News Cover
The Globe and Mail

Travel experts warn out-of-country medical insurance may be insufficient for COVID-related illnesses

Travel insurance brokers say that while specific coverage for COVID-19 is a step in the right direction, they advise clients to be wary of policies that can leave you stranded.
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Here Are The Best Travel Insurance Apps For Your Next Trip

It allows you to buy travel medical insurance in under 60 seconds through the app. You can purchase policies by the day or for longer periods, and up to seven days after a vacation has begun. Goose works similarly to its U.S. counterparts, offering an in-app map and ‘911-equivalent’ list that gives you instant access to local emergency services. Goose is available…

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InsurTech companies that every leader in insurance needs to know.

Goose is a consumer-focused Super-App for Insurance, with a mission to deliver consumers a simplified self-serve process to bind insurance coverage across both P&C and Life. Through the Goose mobile App, consumers can discover, learn about, and buy insurance coverage instantly across all lines of consumer insurance. Goose launched…

Coverager News Cover

Pink Goose is Ready to Fly

Last October, we covered Goose – back then – a Canadian travel insurance startup in emerging mode looking to deliver “a policy in two minutes or less”. That was then, this is now…

Travel Press News Cover
Travel Press

Goose Launches Mobile Travel Insurance App

The Goose mobile app has launched in Canada, providing Canadians with instant access to travel medical insurance. Goose is a mobile-first, self-serve solution that lets Canadians who travel out of country the ability to purchase travel medical insurance in…

IBC News Cover
Insurance Business Canada

New app claims to deliver medical travel insurance in less than a minute

Goose, a mobile app aimed at providing Canadians with what it describes as instant travel insurance, launches today. Those behind the service claim customers who travel out of the country can obtain medical travel insurance in under 60 seconds for as little as $4…

ITIJ News Cover

Self-serve TI app launches in Canada

Goose, a new mobile app that provides Canadian travellers with instant on-demand access to travel medical insurance, launched this week. The mobile-first, self-service solution claims to allow Canadians to purchase coverage in as little as 60 seconds…

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Vancouver-based app provides travel insurance on the go

Whether it’s a day trip or a vacation, you don’t want to leave home without a travel insurance policy to cover you for medical emergencies and accidents. That’s why Dejan Mirkovic and his team have come up with a way to help keep you covered. He’s the founder and CEO of Goose Insurance Services, which has developed an app to buy travel insurance…

Beta Kit News Cover
Beta Kit

Goose raises $2.25M seed round for travel medical insurance app

Goose said it will provide up to $10 million in travel medical insurance. The company’s app includes hospital locators, 911-equivalents, and agent chat options. The app also sends a reminder when it detects that the user is near an international airport or the…

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