8 Renter-Friendly Decorating Hacks That Won’t Cost You Your Damage Deposit

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Whether you’re newly independent, relocating for work, or downsizing by renting, you can live in the home of your dreams with these DIY projects. With a little love and hard work, transform your place without breaking the bank or losing your security deposit.

However, before you decorate remember to take photos and notes right before you move in, so they can’t take your deposit for issues that existed prior to your stay. Also check your lease for specific items you might be docked for and ask your landlord to do a preliminary inspection before your official move out date so you can deal with any issues they may want you to address. 

  1. No backsplash, no problem.

Removable subway tiles can instantly elevate a kitchen or bathroom. They are quick and easy to install, with no grout, no glue and no mess. They will also give you the same elegant look as real tiles without the heavy costs attached. [Available from Home Depot or Amazon]

  1. Cover outdated floors with floor stickers.

Masking ugly floor is much easier than you think. Peel and stick floor tile vinyl wood planks are an easy DIY self-adhesive flooring, with no power tools and no experience. My favourites are the authentic wood plank looking ones with a grain texture to add a timeless feature to your home. [Available from Home Depot or Amazon]

  1. Enhance your cabinets, shelves, drawers, furniture, countertops and more!

In six easy steps, apply vinyl contact paper to any dry, flat surface for a fresh and fun way to decorate. This self adhesive paper is quick and easy to install, as well as waterproof to make for easy cleaning. Bet you didn’t think you could have an elegant and durable countertop in your rental home. [Available from Amazon]

  1. Swap out old hardware

This is by far the easiest way to elevate your cabinets. Simply exchange your rental’s handles and knobs for hardware that suits your style. Ensure you keep the original hardware on hand and change it back before you move out. That way you can take your new hardware with you. [Available from Home Depot or Amazon]

  1. Open Kitchen Cabinets

Unscrew some of your kitchen cabinet doors, to simply level up your kitchen. Not only is it easy, it immediately opens up space and gives your kitchen an airy look. This is a great hack as long as you can store all the cabinets, screws, and hinges in a secure place so you can replace them when the time comes. 

  1. Hang pictures, art, towels, coats, wall decorations and more!

Command hooks are the most convenient way to hang photos, bags, coats, whatever you need in a damage free way. They also come in multiple sizes and hold different weights for maximum convenience for you. [Available from Amazon]

  1. Replace your rusty shower head

Standard handheld shower heads have simple installations, without the need of a plumber. Plus, why not make your shower also a disco with a colour changing LED shower head. The lights are powered by running water, with no batteries needed. [Available from Amazon]

  1. Transform outdated light fixtures

A rental with acceptable light fixtures is a rarity. A simple switch can make a big impact. If you can, swap out an existing light fixture with a fixture more suited to your style or add a statement shade right over the old fixture. [Available from Home Depot or Amazon]

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